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A Summary of 2020 – Covid-19, Cancelled Plans and a New Peugeot 205

Posted by on August 15, 2021

I think most people’s experience of motorsport in 2020 is probably fairly similar. We started off the year with a list of rallies that we would like to enter and ended the year wondering if we would ever rally in the same way as we had pre Covid-19. We didn’t compete at all in 2020, despite the restarting of most forms of motorsport in a Covid-19 secure way.

I had booked to do a novice track day at Mallory Park in the Red Car in April 2020 and up to the announcement of the first lockdown in March was still widely optimistic that it would go ahead. I had booked 2 x 20 minute driver coaching sessions and was very much looking forward to the day.  Of course it wasn’t able to go ahead and I have not managed to re-book yet, but am hopeful that I can do it at some point in the future.

The better news from 2020 is that we have a new Peugeot 205. It has been converted to Targa Rally spec and can also complete in Autosolo’s, Sprints and night Road Rallies. We haven’t done any events in it yet, but if I ever get round to re-booking the cancelled track day I will take it to that. It’s pretty quick, despite only having a 954cc engine.

Fingers crossed that 2021 and 2022 are better years for motorsport for us than 2020 was.


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