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Solway Coast Rally 2016, PokerStars Rally 2016 and Hall Trophy Rally 2016

Posted by on March 19, 2017

We competed in 3 rallies in the second half of 2016. The first of these, the Solway Coast rally in August was great fun. We had an early start and a long drive up to Kirkcudbright for the event, but we agreed it was worth it. The stages were brilliant and the car went well. We ended the day 4th in class.

We didn’t fair so well on the PokerStars. I made a mistake in the notes on stage 1, which meant we ended up going through a cone chicane. After that the car took a while to start and wasn’t running too well. We got to the end of leg 1, despite the terrible weather conditions, but decided not to continue on the 2nd day. At least I got 1 run through Druidale, although fairly slow due to so much rain and fog. When Patrick took the car to the rolling road a few weeks later he found that thankfully the engine fault wasn’t related to the close encounter with the cones.

To make up for the disappointment of the PokerStars we put in a late entry for the Hall Trophy Rally at Blyton. Single venues are not normally our thing (due to potential confusion caused by cone blindness)) and it was a long time since I’d done one. I had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the short, fast stages. We had two slight mishaps, once running over a tyre on the inside of a corner and once nearly missing a split. Apart from that the day went well. The last stage was cancelled as it had got too foggy and dark to run.

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